Q.   How fast will I see results?

A.  Results can be seen in as little as two to three weeks, depending on the severity of the scar.  Surgical incisions and fresh wounds will show the fastest results while older scars can take up to 6-8 weeks before changes occur.  Even with new incisions, Talsyn should be used for the full 8 weeks to achieve the best results.

Q.  Is Talsyn safe to use?

A.  Talsyn is extremely safe and has not demonstrated any side effects or adverse reactions.

Q.  Will Talsyn stain clothing?

A.  Not at all.  Clothing may be worn immediately after applying Talsyn as it works completely into the skin.  Talsyn contains no dyes or pigments that can stain fabric and no harsh chemicals which might  chemically react with clothing in a detrimental way.

Q.  Will Talsyn cause skin irritation?

A.  Under normal circumstances, Talsyn will not cause any irritation on the skin or any allergic reactions.  In all of the clinical studies, no adverse skin reactions were reported.  In certain instances, if redness occurs, it is probably a natural step in the healing process.  If redness persists, check with your physician.

Q.  Will Talsyn work with old scars as well as new, including those from recent surgery or wounds?

A.  Yes, Talsyn will work on scars of any age.  Older scars typically are reduced by an average of  62% over an 8-9 week period.  New scars are easier to heal, and Talsyn works best with wounds and surgical incisions as it helps hasten the healing process of the skin, thereby avoiding scarring.

Q.  Will Talsyn disinfect wounds?

A.  No, Talsyn is not an antiseptic or anti-biotic.  It is not meant to clean wounds or kill bacteria and should not be substituted for a topical and/or oral anti-biotic for the treatment of infections.  However, it can be used in conjunction with a topical or systemic anti-biotic.  Any new wounds should always be properly cleaned and disinfected.

Q.  Is Talsyn easy to use?

A.  Yes!  In fact, one of the biggest detriments to most products is how difficult they are to use.   Either because of difficulty of application, the number of times application is required, adverse aroma or skin feel, or difficulty in wearing clothes after application, compliance with most other products is inconsistent.  Poor compliance means that actual healing is either slowed or compromised .  Talsyn is easily worked into the skin, only needs to be used upon arising and before bed, has a pleasant aroma, is not irritating, and can be used just prior to getting dressed in any clothing.  These factors make compliance with Talsyn easy, and this means quicker, more consistent results, and more thorough healing.